The JDC lends its support to recognise ladies day with the onset of the inaugural Womens World Series event this weekend. 

The JDC has a number of girls playing darts within its academy system and is supporting the event to boost the ambition of the current crop of young girls playing and hopefully to inspire others girls to start playing.

The JDC has the support of three female ambassadors, Laura Turner, Anastasia Dobromyslova and " queen of the palace" Fallon Sherrock who are assisting the JDC in promoting girls in the sport of darts and showing what can be achieved within the game. 

The celebration of the ladies game will continue this weekend and will be marked every year on October 17th for years to come. 

The JDC, JDC Virtual and its partners will be going pink this weekend with social media posts, logos and articles all featuring the colour pink to mark the celebration. 


From JDC to PDC, Justin Hewitt and Craig Galliano will have represented their nation at junior level and now senior level.


Both players will represent Gibraltar next month in Gratz for the PDC's World Cup of darts after a final qualifier in Gibraltar this week confirmed their places in the PDC's World Cup of Darts 2020.



With the final rounds on the rock including Dyson Parody and Dylan Duo, both Hewitt and Galliano would need to be at their very best for both young players to qualify.

Eventually making the final, Galliano needed to beat Hewitt to confirm his place in the team.


Both players have previously represented Gibraltar at JDC World events in 2018 staged in Bristol and 2019 in their home nation of Gibraltar. Hewitt, who just missed out on the final of the 2019 JDC World Darts Championship last year to Adam Gawlas in the semi finals, will now get his chance on a world stage to perform. 


Alex Nunez from the Gibraltar Darts Association commented,


"When Jeremy and I, revived youth darts in gibraltar 7 years ago we had always dreamt about having our very own graduates qualify for the PDC World Cup of Darts.
Both Craig and Justin have demonstrated that a structured Academy, hard work and dedication pays off.
The GDA is extremely proud of them both in becoming the youngest ever team to qualify for the PDC World Cup.
This will no doubt inspire young players around the world to never give up on their dreams".

The PDC World Cup of darts will be featured on Sky Sports from November 6th - 8th in Austria. 












The Junior Darts Corporation will be offering the opportunities and support to the children of South Africa through the newly created JDC South Africa. Headed up by the African Warrior Devon Petersen, JDC South Africa will be the spring board for Petersen’s academy roll out plans. 


Petersen, who is an ambassador for the JDC, has made huge progress behind the scenes in creating a structure for the creation of JDC South Africa to be launched, and to further his dream of an academy system opening in South Africa. Supported by fellow professional and JDC Chairman Steve Brown they have both enabled the project to get to this exciting point.


Early in 2020 ( pictured ) the African Warrior attended the JDC’s accreditation day to complete his own training in the way the JDC operate and how academies can be created with affiliation to the JDC. With a team in South Africa ready to get to work and with the current “on the oche” success of Devon himself, he has created a real buzz around darts in the country of South Africa. 


Devon said, 


I am very excited about this now. I have been working with Steve and Darren for a while on this and it has always been my dream to have a junior system of opportunity in South Africa. I know the value of having structure and support at junior level and now feel that I can pursue the Devon Petersen Darts Academies along with JDC South Africa and bring on more opportunities to the kids via this relationship”. 


Steve Brown Commented, 


“Fantastic news for the country of South Africa and darts as a whole. Devon has put some real effort in lately to see this through and we are delighted about this relationship going forward. I can’t wait to see young South African players getting the same opportunities as others around the world with the support of the JDC and the passionate drive Devon brings to this relationship”. 


JDC South Africa will also create the opportunity for young dart players to compete in all JDC competitions and will see a team South Africa at next years junior world team event. 



This week sees the official launch of JDC Germany under the stewardship of Hannover 96 darts academy director Andreas Rollwage. The relationship will provide Germany with a solid base on which to build the platform of junior darts across the whole of Germany with the support and guidance from the JDC and Andreas and his team.















Nathan Potter will take the JDC's final spot and join the JDC's current World Champion in the early rounds of the PDC's World Youth Championship later this month.


JDC three time major winner and current Junior World Darts Champion Keane Barry will be joined by JDC Tour ace Nathan Potter. 

Nathan, a previous tour winner and at the top of the JDC's tour order of merit at the time of lockdown will join Keane to complete the JDC's allotted qualifiers. The JDC have 2 places in the finals for players over the age of 16. 

The suffolk ace Potter will play on September 27th at the end of the resumption of the PDC's development tour weekend in Barnsley. 







 In the continued relationship between the JDC and Phoenixdarts the JDC Virtual game will now be made available to the soft tip darts world on over 30,000 machines around the world.

Fanatastic news for children attending darts academies affiliated to the JDC as the corporation opens its academy network for the first time since March. 

Nigerian players on JDC Virtual received a boost from JDC Chairman Steve Brown who sent a donation of training equipment to support the players on JDC Virtual at the Delta State Darts Association training center.

The JDC has been one of the success stories during the modernisation of darts over the past decade or so. Steve Brown’s brainchild has grown into an entire system for the development and encouragment of junior darts. It has even been the inspiration behind MAD.

Amongst all the uncertainty around the world currently, the JDC is looking at the bigger picture and finds a huge amount of positives. JDC Virtual is one such thing to come out of the current situation. 

With news of the resumption of the PDC's Development tour next month, PDPA Scholarship winners are raring to go!

More opportunity for the girls within the JDC with the inclusiuon of the PDC'S Women's Series later this year.

Updated news on the JDC and JDC Virtual World Darts Championships planned for 2020.

The JDC's latest update during the current Covid 19 restrictions.


JDC AFFILIATED ACADEMIES are currently not operating with the exception of New Zealand. The JDC will continue to react  and plan to the latest Covid 19 updates from the relevant governments in which affiliated acadmies operate and will make a decision in due course of when the JDC Academy system and its ranking system can begin to operate again. 


JDC TOUR EVENTS are currently not in operation due to the restrictions on venues and large gatherings. We are working closely with our partners to re start the tour when possible. With the news of Rileys this week we are also closely monitoring the situation and in touch with Rileys on a regular basis. The JDC will announce when it can resume the tour.


JDC JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS is still planned for late November but due to the current situation with Covid 19 we are waiting for confirmation on dates, venues and ultimately if the tournament can take place as planned. The main issue is the venue is currently being used as a nightingale hospital. 


JDC VIRTUAL CHAMPIONSHIPS like the JDC World Championship currently in the hands of the Covid situation and logistics around the venue and travel. We will confirm when we know. 


JDC ACCREDITATION DAYS are currently on hold but the JDC are currently building opportunities for online interaction for some courses and accreditation days under the Darts Education banner. 


JDC VIRTUAL is active and if you would like to get involved and join in please visit

Its FREE to play and register. 


Further updates will be available as and when the JDC have more information to share.

Follow the JDC on Twitter, Facebook and for Virtual players on your dashboard on godartspro. 











The Junior Darts Corporation are delighted to announce that a partnership agreement with Phoenixdarts has been agreed for the next 5 years.

A new feature for the subscribers and followers of the JDC will give a great insight into life in lockdown and what different roles there are in the world of darts.

Positive news coming out of Gibraltar. The destination for the JDC's premium darts events in 2020. 

Following on from the latest government advice on the current Corona Virus situation on May 10th, the JDC has not changed its approach to the safety of its members, players, staff and volunteers. The JDC will continue to not perform academy activity or tournament play at this time. The JDC will continue to monitor the sitution. If the continued containment of the virus is successful and the government ease restrictions the JDC are hopeful that it can begin a road to normality around September. 

Any planned events up to the end of August will either be cancelled or rescheduled for later in 2020. 



After the first week of JDC Virtual, a look at the successful launch so far in detail.

The recently launched JDC Virtual platform invites nations around the world to help find the ultimate winner. 

JDC Chairman Steve Brown will be hosting daily updates on all things Virtual.

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