The JDC's latest update during the current Covid 19 restrictions.


JDC AFFILIATED ACADEMIES are currently not operating with the exception of New Zealand. The JDC will continue to react  and plan to the latest Covid 19 updates from the relevant governments in which affiliated acadmies operate and will make a decision in due course of when the JDC Academy system and its ranking system can begin to operate again. 


JDC TOUR EVENTS are currently not in operation due to the restrictions on venues and large gatherings. We are working closely with our partners to re start the tour when possible. With the news of Rileys this week we are also closely monitoring the situation and in touch with Rileys on a regular basis. The JDC will announce when it can resume the tour.


JDC JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS is still planned for late November but due to the current situation with Covid 19 we are waiting for confirmation on dates, venues and ultimately if the tournament can take place as planned. The main issue is the venue is currently being used as a nightingale hospital. 


JDC VIRTUAL CHAMPIONSHIPS like the JDC World Championship currently in the hands of the Covid situation and logistics around the venue and travel. We will confirm when we know. 


JDC ACCREDITATION DAYS are currently on hold but the JDC are currently building opportunities for online interaction for some courses and accreditation days under the Darts Education banner. 


JDC VIRTUAL is active and if you would like to get involved and join in please visit

Its FREE to play and register. 


Further updates will be available as and when the JDC have more information to share.

Follow the JDC on Twitter, Facebook and for Virtual players on your dashboard on godartspro. 











The Junior Darts Corporation are delighted to announce that a partnership agreement with Phoenixdarts has been agreed for the next 5 years.

A new feature for the subscribers and followers of the JDC will give a great insight into life in lockdown and what different roles there are in the world of darts.

Positive news coming out of Gibraltar. The destination for the JDC's premium darts events in 2020. 

Following on from the latest government advice on the current Corona Virus situation on May 10th, the JDC has not changed its approach to the safety of its members, players, staff and volunteers. The JDC will continue to not perform academy activity or tournament play at this time. The JDC will continue to monitor the sitution. If the continued containment of the virus is successful and the government ease restrictions the JDC are hopeful that it can begin a road to normality around September. 

Any planned events up to the end of August will either be cancelled or rescheduled for later in 2020. 



After the first week of JDC Virtual, a look at the successful launch so far in detail.

The recently launched JDC Virtual platform invites nations around the world to help find the ultimate winner. 

JDC Chairman Steve Brown will be hosting daily updates on all things Virtual.









In the most unusual situation the world of darts finds itself , the JDC have created an innovative solution to bring opportunity and creative play for any aspiring dart player on  the planet.

This week will see the launch of the latest offering from the JDC with its very own Virtual Platform.

In recent weeks during uncertain times the JDC have been busy looking for a new and exciting way to keep the darts world engaged in a virtual way. 

We speak to the JDC Chairman Steve Brown and ask some questions on this exciting venture.

The winners of the JDC'S lockdown quiz are as follows,


Over the last few days just for some light entertainment the JDC and its members have been engaged in a 2 part quiz of 50 JDC and dart related questions. The winners picked at random will receive the following prizes and will be contacted by the JDC in the coming days. 







PRIZE 1 goes to - Mackenzie Wilson 

PRIZE 2 goes to - Steven Ivey 

PRIZE 3 goes to - Brandon Mcdonnell

PRIZE 4 goes to - Eddie Mills


All the questions were researchable on the internet and through JDC partner websites, but a couple were supplied by JDC Global Ambassador Michael van Gerwen on a personal level just before the birth of his second child.

To confirm he loves Asian food and wears a size 44 shoe. 


The JDC would like to thank all those that entered and wish all its members well in the coming weeks. 



The second part of the JDC Lockdown Quiz is now available

The JDC lockdown quiz is designed for the children to have some fun, research and win some great prizes.

JDC halt all activity in light of the current situation. 

A first win for Nathan Potter and a return to winning ways for Leighton Bennett complete T5&6 on the JDC tour.

The JDC announces how it will be dealing with the outbreak of Corona Virus.

The JDC hold training days for people to get involved wth the junior game and are taking the course stateside.










The health and safety of our children, staff and volunteers is our main priority at all our events.

Currently, there are no plans to cancel, postpone or otherwise change the running of our events and we are in regular contact with our venues, all of which are operating as normal.

We are closely monitoring the situation and will follow advice from Public Health England, the World Health Organisation and both local and national government.


We would like to draw the attention of anyone who attends any of our events to the following general advice

    • Frequently clean your hands in soap and water, or with an alcohol-based hand rub. 
    • If you cough or sneeze, please cover your mouth and nose with a flexed elbow or tissue – throw the tissue away immediately and wash your hands;
    • Avoid contact with anyone who has a fever or cough;
    • Avoid unnecessary contact with ‘high touch’ areas such as handrails, lift buttons, door handles, surfaces etc;
    • If you experience difficulty breathing, have a high temperature or cough, please stay at home and contact a medical advisor by phone;
    • We recommend a thumbs up approach to oche etiquette during this outbreak. It will be deemed good oche etiquette to give a thumbs up to players and officials during and at the end of your matches. 

Please follow this advice and further information via the links below of the World Health Organisation and the NHS during this outbreak of the coronavirus.

JDC Chairman Steve Brown lands a landmark contract with Gibraltar and brings with it, two new Junior tournaments.

Nathan Care is only the second player to take all the spoils on a JDC Tour.

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