Go Darts Pro will be working with the Junior Darts Corporation in a partnership that will offer great benefits to the young darts players within JDC affiliated academies and members of the JDC who are looking to perfect their game. GDP will be providing the new academy database for the students to record their individual progress week in week out at local academies around the UK and Ireland. In addition opening up a huge mechanism of practice games for players to use on the GDP platform. Looking ahead there will be special discounts and opportunities for JDC members to acquire VIP access on the GDP website and be at the forefront of great technology to assist in improving their game. The JDC practice routines are available to try on the GDP website for those who are not able to attend an academy. This week the founder and creative genious Anders Ostman visited JDC HQ in Bristol to launch the partnership and firm up the Sponsorship of the Go Darts Pro World Cup team event in December. 

Anders commented " we are so excited to be working with the JDC, pleased to be part of the World Championship weekend and really keen to produce many fun and exciting games and practice plans for the kids. We recently came over and completed the JDC Accreditation course and could see what a great organisation this is. Firstly we will support the academies by allowing the coaches to use GDP and intergrate them with the JDC scoring system from November and then get to work on future ideas".  

GDP have also teamed up with Mikko Laiho who is also on hand to provide creative content to further improve your game. With the addition of Mikko on the team, the JDC are in no doubt that this relationship can only be a positive addition for the junior game. 





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