Paul Nicholson was at JDC HQ this week to give a masterclass in darts to four lucky prize winners and spent the day offering advice, coaching, ideas and a Q&A with the families. The JDC Ambassador offered his time to the JDC for a prize draw for the prime members of 2019. On New Years Day the prize draw was made and Brad Phillips, Harry Smith, Charlie Voorhees and Toby Gingell all won the opportunity to join Paul for the day in Bristol. The young players were able to practice with Paul, ask questions and look to improve technique and performance. Questions that all youngsters wish to ask about playing darts were answered in a thourough Q&A. "its a great opportunity for me to offer something to the JDC in a constructive way" said Paul Nicholson

" I really enjoyed my time at the home of the JDC and I hope the young bucks got something out of the day. Great to meet the stars of the future close up and I look forward to returning later in the year". 

Paul has offered to return and do another session with JDC prime members once again. There will be another prize draw for members later in the year. 


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