The JDC's most prestigious tournament in the Junior World Darts Championship will be sponsored by Scott Farms International for the first time in Gibraltar. The competition which concludes with its grand final at the Alexandra Palace in December will begin with the playoff finals out in Gibraltar on September 26th.


The current JDC tour sponsor Scott Farms International, have been of huge support in sponsoring the JDC  and being a part of the future of the game.


Darren Smith Director at Scott Farms International said " we are delighted to be able to sponsor the greatest competition in the junior game. For us, getting involved in Gibraltar is a great fit as the tour we currently sponsor dovetails nicely into the World Championship and we would like to support as much as we can in the greatest opportunity these kids have today. As a company we are keen to see the children and the sport develop at junior level and enjoy watching youngsters take advantage of the opportunities the JDC provide". 


The JDC were invited to Scott Farms International head quarters in the Vale of Evesham this week and had some fun with the JDC's Greenzone Handicap system whilst discussing the future of the sport.

Darren Barson JDC Director of Operations commented, "this is just fantastic news for the JDC and ultimately the young players. Scott Farms International are so supportive to the junior game, and after visiting their offices I am so excited for the future. The World Champion in 2019 will be the Scott Farms International Junior World Darts Champion and it will be a great journey to get to that point". 


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