The Tommy Cox Junior World Darts Championship Trophy will be fittingly presented at the Alexandra Palace London every year to the Junior World Champion within the JDC circuit. This year the JDC's World Finals will be held out in Gibraltar for the first time prior to the 2019 final in London. Tommy Cox introduced JDC Chairman Steve Brown to the area and its darting community back in early 2018. Co founder and former PDC tournament Director Tommy Cox was very keen for the future of the game to progress and to assist as much as he could. 


Danny Cox, son of Tommy commented,


"on behalf of the whole family we are honoured that the JDC have decided to name their World Championship Trophy -

The Tommy Cox Junior World Darts Championship Trophy.

He devoted his life to the sport and it is, i'm sure everyone would agree, a much better game for his involvement. It is fitting that the champions of tomorrow shall set out on their darting journeys by competing to lift the trophy that bears his name. He was a huge fan of the JDC and all it stands for, and we would like to thank Steve Brown and his organisation for this outstanding gesture. 


The final of the JDC's World Championship will be played on Saturday December 21st at the Alexandra Palace during the PDC's World Darts Championship. Here the trophy will be lifted by the 2019 Junior World Champion. 


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