Connor Levett from Sussex a member of the England Youth International Team Wins the 1st JDC Youth Tour Event at The George Albert Hotel in Dorchester.

Connor Levett wins the Inaugural JDC Tour Event with an Impressive 5-2 Win over Cannock’s Dan Hands in the Final, Starting the final with a 17 dart 1st Leg before Dan bounced back to take the 2nd leg in 20 Darts to level at 1-1, Connor then took the 3rd, 4th & 5th Legs to open up a 4-1 Advantage with some very Impressive darts including a finish of 90 in 2 Darts. Dan Hands then stepped up his game taking the next leg in 18 Darts which included a 111 Outshot to bring the score back to 2-4, Connor went off very strongly in what was to be the final leg of the match opening up with scores of 85, 96, 100, before wrapping up his event win finishing on double 10 with his first dart to take the title, Impressive performances and Dart Averages averages from both players in the final with Conner Levett (74.61) & Dan Hands (66.03).

Connor had earned his place in the final with a convincing 4-0 whitewash over a very impressive Jack Warner in the Semi-final, Dan made his way through his Semi-final with a very tight hard fought 4 legs to 3 victory over a very strong Alex Gurr who actually had opportunities to steal the match with missed darts at doubles.

The quarter finals were again very high quality matches with Connor Levett edging past a very strong Dave Packer 3-2, Dan Hands pinching the final leg in a close fought game against Luke Durham 3-2, Alex Gurr winning well against a very highly respected and highly rated JDC Academy star John Brown 3-2, Jack Warner winning very strongly against another England Youth International Dan Perry 3-2 to complete the semi final quartet.

There were some notable wins in the 2nd Round in some spectacularly tight matches including some notable wins for Alex Gurr over Joe Sellick 3-1, John Brown over a very impressive Tyler Radlett 3-2, Luke Durham 3-0 over George Wills, Dan Hands beating a strong Curtis Vinall 3-1, Jack Warner over Matt Speakman 3-1, Dan Perry winning 3-2 against Lewis Gurney, Connor Levett whitewashing Archie Simpson 3-0, Dave Packer winning 3-0 against Connor Britton.

There were a few relieved faces from the 1st round games from players not knowing what to expect from the First Event of The New Youth Tour, with no known shocks in round 1 with wins for Joe Sellick over Josh Barson 3-1, Alex Gurr over Dafydd Jones 3-0, John Brown over Kieran Buckle 3-0, Tyler Radlett over Tom Brindley 3-0, Luke Durham over Tom Rawles 3-1, George Wills over George O’Neill 3-1, Dan Hands over Kieran Hunt 3-0, Curtis Vinall over Harry Robinson 3-0, Matt Speakman over Bradley Bristow 3-0, Jack Warner over Lewis Whittington 3-0, Lewis Gurney over Nathan Roche 3-0, The match of the first round was Dan Perry (England International) beating the Multi JDC Academy Super 16 Event Winner Dan Williams in a Very tightly fought match as Dan Perry comes out on top with a very creditable 3-1 victory, Connor Levett over an Impressive young Female Player Amy Collins 3-0, Archie Simpson over Ashton Brown 3-0, Connor Britton over John McEwan 3-1, Dave Packer over Jimmy Bristow 3-2. All the Winners of the 1st Round clashes safely through into the second round.

We had two Preliminary Round matches got get the draw into Direct Knockout Stages with Ashton Brown Winning the Opening Tour Event Matches with a win over Alfie Sessford 3-1, and Jimmy Bristow storming his opening preliminary Round match with a win over Lewis Barson 3-0.

Preliminary Matches:

Ashton Brown 3 -1 Alfie Sessford
Jimmy Bristow 3 – 0 Lewis Barson

First Round:

Joe Sellick 3 – 1 Josh Barson
Alex Gurr 3-1 Dafydd Jones
John Brown 3 – 0 Kieran Buckle
Tyler Radlett 3 – 0 Tom Brindley
Luke Durham 3 – 1 Tom Rawles
George Wills 3 – 1 George O’Neil
Dan hands 3 – 0 Kieran Hunt
Curtis Vinall 3 – 0 Harry Robison
Matt Speakman 3 – 0 Bradley Bristow
Jack Warner 3 – 0 Lewis Whittington
Lewis Gurney 3 – 0 Nathan Roche
Dan Perry 3 – 1 Dan Williams
Connor Levett 3 – 0 Amy Collins
Archie Simpson 3 – 0 Ashton Brown
Connor Britton 3 – 1 John McEwan
Dave Packer 3 – 2 Jimmy Bristow

Round 2:

Alex Gurr 3 – 1 Joe Sellick
John Brown 3 – 2 Tyler Radlett
Luke Durham 3 – 0 George Wills
Dan Hands 3 – 1 Curtis Vinall
Jack Warner 3 – 1 Matt Speakman
Dan Perry 3 – 2 Lewis Gurney
Connor Levett 3 – 0 Archie Simpson
Dave Packer 3 – 0 Connor Britton

Quarter finals:

Alex Gurr 3 – 1 John Brown
Dan Hands 3 – 2 Luke Durham
Jack Warner 3 – 1 Dan Perry
Connor Levett 3 – 2 Dave Packer

Semi Finals:

Dan Hands 4 – 3 Alex Gurr
Connor Levett 4 – 0 Jack Warner
Losers (£25.00 Each)


Connor Levett 5 – 2 Dan Hands
Winner (£100.00)
Runner Up (£50.00)

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