During this unusual world wide situation we find ourselves in, the JDC have been in contact with the NSPCC to look at the best way that younger players can play out the JDC Virtual challenges LIVE on Facebook. With the increased lockdown period for Covid 19 more and more pressure has been applied on people to adapt to online activity. To use social media to stay in touch, hold meetings, training and simply to keep busy. Therefore we would ask that under 13 year olds wishing to take part must be guided by a parent or official guardian on the adults Facebook page. The restrictions of age by Facebook do not allow under 13 's to have an account with them.
Filming for the LIVE JDC Virtual broadcast must be on and supervised by the parent or guardian on their page.
The parent or guardian will need to include the name of the child in the text box when going live on facebook so the JDC know who it is doing the challenge. This can be added next to @JDC VIRTUAL in the text box area before filming.
Parents/Guardians will still need to register the CHILDS name as the user name on when registering to JDC Virtual for the first time.
Things to consider..
1. Where you are recording and what is visible. ( It should be just the dart board and the device showing the score)
2. Check your location is off
3. You don't have to show your childs face if you wish (just need to see retrieving the darts)
4. An appropriate time to do the challenges for a child ( not too late for example)
5. Maybe consider a separate Facebook page for this purpose
Please review the information provided by the NSPCC if you need further guidance on online good practice.

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