JDC Virtual launches a complete playing package of darts for all abilities. 

From the first time thrower to the ambitious amateur, JDC Virtual has something for everyone. With no age limits the whole family can enjoy the latest JDC creation. 


The JDC Virtual concept is a hybrid of the very successful JDC academy scoring model. Endorsed by the PDC and a system in place for the last 10 years. From humble beginnings this routine would become the bench mark for over 30 darts academies world wide and thousands of people trying out their skills on the routines. 

JDC Virtual brings this model to the whole world in their own homes. Not only will this be an incredible area to practice and develop self improvement, the system also provides the ambitious amateur player to realise a dream of playing in a World Darts Championship. 


JDC Virtual will give the player the opportunity to qualify for tournaments through the innovative scoring mechanism and bring hours of fun to those who are looking to improve. 

Who would of thought that you can actually qualify for an Amateur World Darts Championship from your own kitchen !!!!


With the huge support of the platform and JDC partner Winmau, coupled with JDC Chairman Steve Browns ideas and experience in the game, all areas for all players ability is covered on this wonderful system. 

To top things off the JDC Virtual platform requires players to video their official scores LIVE to enable the qualification and the upgrading their success. Adding a little stage pressure to the routines that can only be done once at a time officially live. There are 6 attempts in each quadrant to see what the player scores in total which will then provide the level they are at. Averaging a score of 700 over the 6  Live attempts will unlock a passport to send players on their way to qualification. 6 passports to collect that will open up the entry ticket to the Virtual Amateur World Darts Championship 2020. 


The JDC Virtual platform will be live from Midday Friday 24th April

 Log on to and hit the JDC icon and enjoy your time in a virtual world. 

For further details please visit the JDC VIRTUAL facebook page and twitter feed. 

@JDCvirtual on twitter - @jdcvirtual on Facebook.

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