JDC Virtual, which launched last Friday, has given the darts world a new refreshing concept for all to enjoy. Based around the existing JDC measurement of accurate dart scoring, the team at the corporation have adapted the model into an online virtual platform. However now, this is available for all ages to play.

Famous for its work with junior players and providing grassroots darts a platform to shine, JDC Virtual is pulling at the strings of the ambitious amateur player too. Challenging target shooting and the pressure of going Live with your attempt, adds extra excitement to this innovation. JDC Virtual is situated on the platform of darts practice and has long been a partner of the JDC, holding the JDC Academies tables, stats, JDC tour players order of merit etc.

The routines players undertake are a collection of 3 seperate parts of 57 independent targets. Its not 501. 


Over the last week players have also been invited to see if they can top the table in their own nation. The JDC Virtual Nations Challenge has seen so far players from England, Holland, Italy and Ireland compete for top spot. Progressing to a finals later in the year. Englands top scorer was Steve Cadman who revealed to us "its not as easy as you think"



 "I have been putting the effort in this last 4 weeks during lockdown on the board generally, but this is so different to 501. However I have it now and its a really good way to play and practice. What makes this really different is your not playing anyone, but boy you feel the pressure when that little phone is broadcasting your attempt Live on facebook. I will be playing this alot and I want to qualify for Gibraltar." Cadman commented. 


In the last week the JDC Virtual system has seen its rourines played over 9000 times. By 40 different nationalites and LIVE broadcasts topping 300 a day. 


JDC chairman Steve Brown said, " its been an amazing start. I love seeing the live rounds on facebook and I am really happy with how the first week has gone. We have had so much interest we have had to implement a technical team and a team of verifiers checking scores and answering questions almost 24 hrs a day. Myself and Darren were also looking to do daily updates but techinal issues mean we will look for new ways to do this. The system itself however has been floorless and performs wonderfully. My thanks to Anders, creator of for his work on this project. I have lots of ideas and developments for this system and I really hope people enjoy it. We have to remember its FREE to play and its only going to get bigger over time".


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