Yesterday the Chief Minister of Gibraltar announced the "UNLOCK THE ROCK" process to start Monday 18th of May.

This is great news for the dart players who have partly made their way through the qualifying process to attend the Virtual Amateur World Darts Championship and the JDC's junior players who will play out the Junior World Darts Championship and the Junior World Cup of Darts in the same week.

Coupled with a planned soft tip darts event for adult and juniors this is an extremely positive announcement.

Crucially Phase 3 & 4 will come into effect on the 1st of June. Restaurants that obtain permits will reopen with a maximum 50% occupancy, with the layout of tables adapted to achieve this. Religious worship will be allowed again, although with strict distancing measures in place. Public transport will restart with new arrangements, taking in the new closure of Line Wall Road and other streets. Theatrical performances for broadcast with no audience will resume. Two weeks later, in Phase 4, bars and cafeterias will reopen, and the 2020 Bathing Season will take effect. The ambition is for there not to be any restrictions at beaches, but the public will need to set up umbrellas and tents with plenty of space between each. 

Phases 5 and 6 will be review phases, with the plan being for everything to be free from restrictions, although adhering to the new normal from the 1st of August.


The JDC's planned events are for the end of November, a further 3 months away from restrictions being lifted.


JDC Chairman Steve Brown commented,


" this is a positive statement from the Chief Minister and we are delighted that Gibraltar has managed the virus fantastically well. We are in constant communication with Gibraltar and although its not possible for any gurantees at the moment we can see they are planning well and looking ahead to bring Gibraltar back to life in the summer. I am also delighted for the players, Juniors and Adults alike who are, and have been, trying to qualify for their respective tournaments, that there is some positive news here. However we must also realise things can change and if they do we will be ready for that. I am hopeful for a great week in Gibratar at the end of the year that I am sure all of us need right now" 


The JDC have 6 days of competition planned at the Europa Point venue this year. Full details to come in the coming weeks.

Last year in September the JDC World Championship was a huge success at Europa Point and promted a partnership with the JDC and the Government of Gibraltar who are also eager to host the JDC events this time round.




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