JDC Virtual was created by the team at the JDC with its long running partner at in April 2020, right in the midst of the global covid 19 pandemic.

Both the JDC and GDP have created a sturdy datatbase and scoring system in the past for the JDC academy system that has proven successful over the last few years. So whilst the academy system was inactive due to lockdown JDC Virtual was born to allow any player of any age around the world to have some fun, improve, keep sharp and ultimately keep playing darts in a competitive situation.





This is the part that is the jewel in the crown of the Virtual system. Players having to post LIVE scores to the world on facebook. An element that has been described by players to be similar to performing on stage or in front of a crowd.


The ultimate goal for players is to keep improving and gaining levels of performance validated by a coloured grading system. Not only this, the JDC created the opportunity for players to actually qualify for FREE for a Virtual World Darts Championship from their own bedroom, kitchen or lounge.

Due to the current global pandemic the championships have been rescheduled for April 2021 in Gibraltar and unless the global situation prevents this the venue and dates are confirmed. 


So for players who have not had chance to play JDC Virtual up to now have the opportunity to qualify for next years event until December 2020. Players who wish to use the Virtual experience for practice, academy sessions and online get togethers, can do so at anytime if only looking for fun. " AND ITS FREE "


So what about some positive stats!!


Since the launch of JDC Virtual over a 1000 players have been involved from all walks of life and all abilities in the game of darts.

Over 50 nations from around the world have been involved and all of this LIVE on facebook every day. 

Currently 322 players from around the world have achieved the 6 passports required to enable entry to the world finals. Out of these players 205 have increased their average score since playing JDC Virtual by an average of 10% which in anyones game is a huge up lift in accuracy and performance. 

JDC virtual will move into a further development stage offering more opprtunities for players in the coming months as restrictions seem to be holding back on darts returning to normal at this time. Team functions and competition elements to be added to the virtual platform. 


A real positive for darts to take out of a difficult situation with JDC Virtual here to stay.




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