JDC Virtual has proved a huge success this year allowing dart players of all abilities and ages around the world to practice and have something to shoot for in their own homes during a tough year for everyone. In addition the JDC and GoDartspro have released the Virtual World Team League this autumn to add another dimension to playing darts at home.


The Virtual World Team League is exactly that, a league of teams made up of players from anywhere in the world competing to be top of the league at the end of any given season. Players get together online as a team and will go through a qualifying session with their team mates, where all team members will shoot the JDC Virtual routine to see who has the top 4 scores during qualifying.

Once all team players have completed their virtual routines the team captain will have 4 players who will have posted the best 4 scores to go forward and reperesent the team LIVE on facebook to the world to enter the team score for that night. 


A Virtual season lasts for 7 weeks and also has a twist or two along the way. One of which is that all players have a "virtual value" on their head showing the ability and competence at playing JDC Virtual. This will lead into a transfer market after season 1 is complete and teams will have a budget based on performance to buy players. 


JDC Chairman Brown commented, 

" I am so excited about the release of the Virtual team league. Its been an exciting & fun journey getting to this point. I like many, miss the team nights, league games and fun to be had with a night out and some darts. So we thought why cant we get together and play darts as a team covid free online and have a dedicated night for darts. I hope the Virtual World Team League will be fun to play, offer some competitiveness and ultimately keep players sharp and improve their scores".


You can make up a team at anytime on JDC Virtual. Just visit and register today. 

For further information you can follow JDC Virtual & JDC Virtual Team League on facebook. 



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