10 Years ago, Steve Brown changed the perception of junior darts and how young people can prosper in the sport of darts.





In 2010 professional darts player Steve Brown was looking for ways his son could participate in the sport he loved at a junior level. Soon to realise that there was nothing structured for young players in his area, Steve decided to see if anyone was interested in children playing in a group / academy session. 


Above his dads public house in Bristol, Steve advertised a session for youngsters to learn and play darts in his local area. Expecting half a dozen or so children that day over 30 attended the first session and it was clear there was a need for this kind of opportunity for youngsters to play darts. 


What made the sessions different was that Steve had created something that all children could do and would be the bench mark of their ability. Known now as the JDC routines, children throw at 57 independent targets in 3 segments. Shanghai 10-15 , Doubles around the board, Shanghai 15 -20

With an introduction of a coloured shirt system similar to coloured belts in martial arts, it was soon clear that the system worked and ability was clearly measured. 


Now in 2020, the JDC has continues to follow the ethos of the original concept created by Steve Brown and now has academies affiliated to the JDC around the world.

Amongst the 10 year celebrations the routines are now used by thousands of individuals and teams on the JDC's latest concept JDC Virtual. 

10 years have shaped the way we think about the junior game and the JDC has still plenty of offerings to fill the next 10 years. 


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